Fellow Enerji A.Ş was founded in Istanbul/Türkiye in 2017 and has been manufacturing affordable and high quality solar modules since in two factories located in Türkiye.

We are primarily engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of photovoltaic modules that entirely put together in Türkiye.

Our solution-oriented team consists of senior technical experts and engineers who are dedicated to influence your daily life positively.

We are ona a mission to meet your every need with our technology. We understand every customer has unique needs and challenges. Our advanced and affordable modules will create a value for both you and your business.


We aim to offer our customers high-quality products and the best services to create mutual benefit and build a reliable relationship. There are 4 regional offices at USA, Türkiye and China, 3 factories at Türkiye and China.

Fellow Energy USA
Fellow Energy Türkiye
Fellow Energy China

Our Mission

We aim to provide affordable yet advanced solar technology for anyone who wishes to benefit from solar energy. We are assertive to meet your needs, challenges and goals with our value-based approach. We intend to offer excelled customer service to find a solution for your any problem or to meet your every need that boost your business and make our planet safer. We totally stand against forced-labor and encourage willingness of all employees in every company.

Our Vission

We prioritize harnessing from our biggest and limetless energy source, The Sun as much as technology allows us. We envision a world where next generations live in a safer and greener planet without being worried about future. The only way to achieve this is to embrace solar energy in all levels and educate people regarding how solar power can change life of them and their loved ones. We are dreaming countless happy faces not just in our environment but also in our business.